Why Hire a Professional Web Designer/Developer?

Gundars Armaņevs
April 16, 2019 15:19

Why Hire a Professional Web Designer/Developer?

To be able to compete in the online global market, a website is an absolute necessity! The question is should you do it yourself or hire a professional? 

Whether you have a website or you are in need of a complete redesign, there are a lot of reasons as to why you should hire a professional. There are a lot of different features and functionality corks that only someone with experience and knowledge in the field can recognize, just like any other profession.

Let me tell you why it's better to hire a professional for web development.

Time is Money

One of the main reasons why you would hire a professional is because you value your time. Every hour that passes you could be making money with your business instead of learning how to design a visually appealing website and don't forget about actually developing it.

When I started out as a web developer there were hundreds of times when I hit a wall and didn't know how to add a specific feature or functionality and there was no information online. The only way to get around situations like those is to learn the structure, syntax, and use of your chosen programming language, that takes a very long time.

What About Website Builders

They are great! I have to say that website builders are amazing tools for someone who is on a budget or needs a website very quickly that will provide all the basic functionality. 

But why shouldn't everyone use website builders?
Why do you pay a construction company to build you a house instead of building it yourself? If you are not very good with design, a builder won't help you get your vision across.

Many web developers and designers are hired to fix websites by clients that have tried website builders themselves and gotten stuck. More often than not, if you want a visually appealing website you will have to pay for the design no matter if it's a website builder or not. As soon as there is some custom functionality in your website, specific statistics, user functionality or anything outside the scope that the specific website builder can offer, it's over. You will have to hire a web developer who most likely will tell you that you need a custom built website.

Another con for web builders, in my opinion, is the price! You probably will spend money on a design regardless of building a website with a builder,  and monthly payments can reach up to 25$/mo if you think about it 12 mo * 25$/mo is 300 $ per year with the addition of whatever you spent for the design and more often than not you end up hiring a developer to change some specific functionality to suit you. Usually, custom built websites with the capability of what you can build with most of the "web builders" go for around 1000$ and everything looks and works exactly how you want instead of compromising because of limitations of a "web builder". 

The upside of Web Builders
Web builders definitely have a place in the industry and are necessary. If you need your website done in a very short amount of time and don't care about site performance, SEO, etc.. Website builders are great tools you can use to achieve your short term goal!

Unique and Responsive Design

There are billions of websites in the wilds of the Internet. You need to stand out! How are you going to do that? A professional designer listens to your wishes, suggestions and business goals, combines all of it and can create visually appealing, unique, easy to navigate and fast website. 

If your website isn't mobile-friendly, you lose more than 50% of your potential audience. Did you know that last year around 58% of visits to websites were made with a mobile device? And 50% of those were "bounces". "Bounce" is when a website is closed before it loads or within a few seconds after. Why does it happen? Because most users don't wait more than 3.5 seconds for a website to load and if it's not up to industry standards with optimization it can take way more than 3.5 seconds. Another reason your users might quit your site is that it's not mobile-friendly, that means it's not optimized for mobile use and either navigation is uncomfortable or content is hard to consume.

When you hire a website development company each task will be done by a professional in their field to achieve great results.

  • Your website will have a thought out structure that will target your chosen audience the best.
  • The design will be done by a professional designer.
  • UI Designer will make sure that your website navigation will be the easiest and smoothest experience for your customers.
  • A developer will put it all together and make it load quickly with search engine friendly structure.
  • Your website will work and look great on all devices.


Nowadays you probably have heard the word "SEO" being thrown around everywhere. SEO stands for "Search engine optimization" and it's essential for your website in 2019. 

Why is it so important? To put it simply, if the structure of your website is not "SEO friendly" search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.. won't be able to crawl through your site and record it's structure efficiently. 

If a search engine can't understand your website your rankings will be lower. This is where a professional web development company comes in. Professional developers know how to structure your websites code so not only it looks good, but it functions in a manner that search engines can understand. 

Public View and Credibility

It goes without a question that a professional web development team will do a better job with creating your website than you. But do you think it's worth the money? Website costs can range very widely anywhere from 500$ up to 10,000$ and more.

Let me ask you how much are you willing to spend in marketing? If your website doesn't function properly and looks outdated, a big portion of your marketing campaign will be in the wind for nothing.  The moment your potential customer opens your website on his device, whether it's a mobile phone or desktop computer first impressions is everything in this day and age of endless competition in any professional field. The first impression of your website can completely change the potential client's view of your company and brand for the better or worse.

Professional development team would make sure your website not only leaves a great first impression but makes your potential customer visit your page again and again.

Website Speed

I personally hate pages that load slowly and so does GOOGLE and other search engines. I think you can agree that one of the most annoying things about the internet is navigating a slow website.

If your website loads slowly there are no questions that it's losing a majority of your visitors. Just last year around 50% of websites visited with mobile devices were bounced from. 

Website speed should be one of your top priorities and a professional development team will create a website that is lighting fast and secure. Imagine how many times you quit a website because it didn't load or was loading very slowly, avoid that for your website!

How can PointCyber help?

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