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Price estimation!
PointCyber offers a unique price calculator that will give you a rough estimate for your project. There are many types of project you could choose. Which one is the best one for you? You could contact our customer support or keep reading below for more information on different project types we work with.

WEBSITE - CMS (Standard)
Content Management System or (CMS) is the go to solution for small or medium businesses. This type of website has easy to use administrative panel that is similar across many projects, it's easy to add, edit and delete content yourself using this type of website.

WEBSITE - CUSTOM (advanced)
Custom built websites are usually more expensive than CMS websites and are suited for projects that usually can't be or won't be optimised very well with Content Management System.

Everyone knows what a mobile application is, but not everyone knows what Native APP really means. Native applications are specifically built for either Android or iOS devices, utilizing strengths of the specific systems.

Hybrid application strengths is a foundation built with web platform technology, which means it has cross platform compatibility (Android and iOS), web framework and faster development time than native applications. It is also cheaper than native applications.

CRM (advanced)
CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software. These types of softwares are usually custom built for your company with you and your customers specific needs.