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That's not all, we also offer other services.
What exactly is discovery phase?
It is the most important phase of your project. During discovery phase we work with you to understand your needs, get to know your ideal customer and your brand. We will draft some ideas and suggestions for you. After gathering all the information we will tailor a timeline and plan for your project. To increese the speed and precission we have developed tools for you and us to use for project price estimations like our price calculator.
Architecture phase is a combination of creating sitemap and wireframes. Think of it as a blueprint phase. So what is sitemap? Sitemap ensures that we have considered all key pages and features of your project and defines how navigation structure should work. Wireframe is detailed view on each pages contents, how it should be structured, where and how your content will appear in your project.
List of your requirements that were compiled in discovery and architecture phase will be put to use here. Depending on your requirements our UI and UX designers will make unique design for your custom project. We will work with you until astetics of your project visually pleases you to ensure ultimate user experience.
At this point it's time to start putting all the pieces together and add some code under your design, make it functional. This is the phase our developers make all the buttons, unique functions and other elements of your project functional. Many coffe cups later, at the end of this stage, all the main features of your project will be active and you will be able to see almost complete picture.
Before your project is launched, we will place it on one of our production servers, where only people with access link will be able to view your project(you and our developers). Usually during period of 1 week(depending on the scale of your project) we will do extensive testing and quality check to assure quality of your projects speed, functionality and security. We will make sure your project is ready for launch.
The big day! Once all the other phases have been completed it's time for launch. At this point your project has gone through extensive testing and optimizations and is ready to be released for public use. Whether it is a website or custom software your project is not over. A successful project constantly needs improvements and new technology adaptions. PointCyber will always be ready to offer you this.
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